Thanks for the idea

I saw this and wondered how your card would work, if folks specifically asked you whether it was a debit card or a credit card. The rental car agency specifically asked me what type of card it was. Stupidly, I told them “debit”, and thus my roller coaster ride with them started. But this makes me wonder, how would they know if I told them it was a credit card? Is there a way for businesses to check whether a card is a debit or credit card? Now I’m curious if maybe I could just tell some car rental place in the future that it’s a credit card, rather than a debit card.

We also travel quite often as a family

and so we opened a free electronic checking account with a local bank that ONLY travel money goes into. It’s at a bank that is no way affiliated with any of my other accounts. We made it clear what the account was for when we opened it. I have to make my deposits at the bank, and we only have the debit card that does NOT say debit on it(no checks), it simply gives the issuing banks name and has the Visa logo on it. It looks just like any credit card and we use it like one when traveling—no pin.
The account costs us nothing, we have the security of Visa refunding any stolen money just like it was a Visa credit card and I avoid the debit card hassle like Kathryn had by simply never mentioning the word debit.

Verify that the account you open can be used over seas, because this particular card I have is good everywhere EXCEPT at Wal-Marts in AZ, USA. I can use it there, but I must use it as a debit card, not a credit card. So we won’t ever use it at Wal-Mart in AZ. LOL! Also check to see if they have a daily spending limit. The particular card we have has a $1,000 limit on it unless you contact them first and they can totally verify who you are. It is also wise to let the bank know when you are traveling so they don’t freeze your account thinking someone has your card and is going on an out of state shopping spree.

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