Filled gas envelopes with $400 for the month and grocery envelope with $600 for the month

Left DH with $800 to cover his travel expenses for his new job. Spent $200 on groceries when DH called and said he was going to have to pay for the entire car rental which was going to come to $720 and he had already spent $100 “celebrating” and needed another $100 for work clothes. So I ended up returning $400 of my grocery money to the checking account so he could cover the car rental and eat. Told him that was it. Yes we are on different pages of the DR book (wry grin.) I am 30 min early to Day 1 of the new child care job. Not a bad drive in- as commutes go pretty easy, but twice a week will be more than enough. Hoping I leave with a check or cash today since I will only be here once this week.

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