I don’t know if there is a secret code or night

and I bet you the people at car places don’t know either. I mean think about it how many hundreds of different banks issue both credit and debit card visas across this nation? How would they possibly know all the codes for all of them?
It would be a worth a shot, after all the only thing can do is try to hassle you again and you have the almighty power of the hang-up in your favor.

Thanks for the idea

I saw this and wondered how your card would work, if folks specifically asked you whether it was a debit card or a credit card. The rental car agency specifically asked me what type of card it was. Stupidly, I told them “debit”, and thus my roller coaster ride with them started. But this makes me wonder, how would they know if I told them it was a credit card? Is there a way for businesses to check whether a card is a debit or credit card? Now I’m curious if maybe I could just tell some car rental place in the future that it’s a credit card, rather than a debit card.

We also travel quite often as a family

and so we opened a free electronic checking account with a local bank that ONLY travel money goes into. It’s at a bank that is no way affiliated with any of my other accounts. We made it clear what the account was for when we opened it. I have to make my deposits at the bank, and we only have the debit card that does NOT say debit on it(no checks), it simply gives the issuing banks name and has the Visa logo on it. It looks just like any credit card and we use it like one when traveling—no pin.
The account costs us nothing, we have the security of Visa refunding any stolen money just like it was a Visa credit card and I avoid the debit card hassle like Kathryn had by simply never mentioning the word debit.

Verify that the account you open can be used over seas, because this particular card I have is good everywhere EXCEPT at Wal-Marts in AZ, USA. I can use it there, but I must use it as a debit card, not a credit card. So we won’t ever use it at Wal-Mart in AZ. LOL! Also check to see if they have a daily spending limit. The particular card we have has a $1,000 limit on it unless you contact them first and they can totally verify who you are. It is also wise to let the bank know when you are traveling so they don’t freeze your account thinking someone has your card and is going on an out of state shopping spree.

How about travelers’ checks?

I’ll admit that it’s been decades since I used them, but it used to be that you would record the check numbers and keep that information safe. If you lost the checks or they got stolen, you could go to American Express (or whoever the issuing company was) and get them replaced on the spot.

You cash them and/or exchange them for local currency as you need it, so you’re not carrying around a huge bundle of cash. A lot of banks will issue them free of charge to their customers.
Most places are taking travelers checks anymore….either CC or cash. My France trip was over 5 yrs ago and I was told not to bother with the checks.

I will soon be traveling overseas to a European country

for a brief trip. As an FPU graduate, I do not have or want a credit card. I don’t want to take my debit card for fear of losing it and having all my accounts drained! But I don’t know that I want to take only cash. I want to have some funds on a card of some kind, in case it should it be needed – and if not needed, I can retrieve the money or at least use it up here at home.

Does anyone know if those prepaid Visa/MC’s work overseas? Is there another option I haven’t thought of? I’ve never traveled out of the country so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve only gone to France

he prepaid does work, but you will get hit with the conversion fee and there might be some other fees depending upon the card. Only know that because of a conversation I heard at the bank one day…wedding here, but the couple was living in Europe and couldn’t take “gifts” back.
I withdrew from my acct when I got there–there was a fee, but wasn’t much and I took out enough to pay cash for the trip.
My husband’s grandmother once sent us travels checks as a Christmas gift..had a dickens of a time getting either of my two banks at the time to cash or deposit them in anyway to use them. No idea why, they were issued through her bank..but it was a mess, the banks just flat didn’t want to mess with them. Finally ended up sending them back to her & she went a different route sending us the money. and this was IN the United States…just thought I’d pass that along.

you don’t really have to have the workbook

but I do find that it helps you stay on track with the small group conversations and also just as a reminder of what you are learning. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone that is retaking it get the whole new kit though, even at the discounted price, there is just too much repeat stuff in the book and since you have all the old stuff you have what you need. In other words a new member could go online and order their own kit, but a returning member would need their coordinator to do it for them so they could get the discounted price. Because the coordinator would need to actually contact their advisor to place the order.

I haven’t had a lot to contribute to this thread

but Erin’s comments reminded me of a joke our priest told the other day in services. His homily for the day was about old fashioned values, and he started off with a story about himself to explain how old fashioned values can sometimes cause teasing even amongst priests. He was at some kind of priests’ convention and it was noon-hour, so the speaker suggested they stop for a moment and say their mid-day prayers from the Divine Office, which is the Catholic cycle of daily prayer. He was ready with his breviary, which is a big thick tome that is heavy and bulky to carry around. He had the pages marked and started reading, only to realize that all the other priests around him had their breviaries on iPads, tablets and even smartphones. He said he felt so out of place, being behind the times, and a few of the other priests gave him some good-natured ribbing about needing to catch up to the modern era.

We have a moment before all our services where the service announcer asks folks to silence their cellphones. But folks still do read during service; no way to know if they’re reading Scripture or the funny pages for that matter. As long as I don’t have to listen to their phone ring, I figure that any multi-tasking, or complementary reading along, is an issue between them and God. Not mine to guess at.

In one of our larger churches

the pastor encourages folks to text him questions during the sermon….with so much negative in the world of technology its good to see it being used in a positive way…. sharon, my husband uses his laptop and pulls up three different versions when teaching so he can pick which one is more clear in getting the point across….

My son doodles

all the time and I too question him when we are doing school to see if he is hearing me, and most everytime he can tell me what I have been saying. I can’t say it still doesn’t drive me crazy, lol, but atleast he is getting it.

As far as technology, I guess it really does depend on where you live, we are a very rural, small town community and most of the time what everyone else is doing in the world now, we will be doing 2 years from now. So we might be where you are in a couple years!

That might be the case for some people

but I wouldn’t assume that for everyone.
With the advent of technology, there are so many in our congregation who read the bible on their electronic devices. We have congregational scriptural reading and from the choir loft most of our congregation has their phone, ipad or other electronic device out for the readings. We’ve stopped printing litanies in bulletins (less paper) because people can easily refer to them on their own. Where people used to carry their bible in book form, very few do so now. They take notes on their devices etc.

I’m sure they check their e-mail too… that multi-tasking thing but I think church can change with the times as well. When I was a kid I used to doodle on the bulletin EVERY Sunday. My mom used to think that was horrible so she started quizzing me on what I heard. I could recite practically word for word what I heard. I used to doodle in school all the time too, but I graduated at 15, and from college at 19 so I wasn’t missing much.
Historically – maybe in the black community – retaining the interests of children/teens in church has been difficult. We’ve expanded into the web, and into Facebook and Twitter. We even have a minister who sends out an inspirational text message 3 times a week – including Sunday morning. I guess you can say we’ve embraced technology and don’t find it offensive or rude when people use their phones during services.

So are you saying you can’t do multiple things at one time?

Your ears close up when you look at something else?

But to answer your question specific to me… he’s my “dad”, most of the time I’ve typed up his sermon during the week so I already know what he’s going to say, I’ve read the scripture before hand, double checking that I have spelled everything correctly, quoted it as written, prepared the slides for the viewing of the congregation etc. I sing in the choir etc. So maybe you misinterpret what I’m capable of doing 🙂
Then you have to understand that I’m also in church services several times a week… its my business to be in church services, so I’m not being disrespectful, in my mind or purpose.

I am not trying to be ugly

but if you are doing other things besides listening to your pastor’s sermon, I find that not giving God your full attention during church. I mean isn’t the point of going to church to hear God’s word and be filled with the spirit? It is also rude to the pastor when someone is checking their messages during church instead of paying attention. Most of the time a pastor will spend many hours getting their sermon ready for Sunday and he deserves the respect of his congregation to pay attention. I just feel like we can give other things hours of our time, why can’t we give God a couple of hours a week, and of course I would hope that we are giving Him more than that. But I do know for many people the only time they think of God is during their Sunday morning church service. Sad.

I learned to do lots of things during long church services.

still do lots of things during long church services. The advent of the smart phone for starters LOL. I’ve always been a multi-tasker and I can listen to the service and catch up on e-mail 🙂
Church generally goes from 11am to 2pm depending on the Sunday. During football season, when the Falcons are in town, I miss church. Or I could opt to go to the early morning service at 7:30 and be back home by 9am but I miss it all. Sunday I do try to sleep longer so I don’t routinely go to early morning service although I”m guaranteed to be out at a certain time.

I go to the later and longer service because my friends go to that longer service and we find plenty besides the minister, occupy our interests.
I seem to stay in church though… if it isn’t Sunday service, I have a funeral. I didn’t make service today, but I have a funeral tomorrow…

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