I definitely wouldn’t put all $6K into an FSA!

Since you don’t think you can do an HSA, I would put it in an ING Capital One checking account and get the separate debit card/checks. That way it would be a special account just for medical expenses. That way at the end of the year, it would be really easy to see how much you spent on medical/vision/dental and you can make notes on the actual charges in the Capital One account so you could see which family member had what expenses.

I’m currently putting $400 a month in my HSA and am spending it as fast as I put it in! I’ve got Ortho at $90/month and a hospital visit for $100/month. That leaves $200 for other medical and I’ve got at least $2,000 balance on the rest of the outstanding bills! Not to mention upcoming dental and vision expenses! I’m drowning in medical right now. Can’t wait to payoff a few, so I can hopefully get ahead of it!

Good luck!

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