I haven’t had a lot to contribute to this thread

but Erin’s comments reminded me of a joke our priest told the other day in services. His homily for the day was about old fashioned values, and he started off with a story about himself to explain how old fashioned values can sometimes cause teasing even amongst priests. He was at some kind of priests’ convention and it was noon-hour, so the speaker suggested they stop for a moment and say their mid-day prayers from the Divine Office, which is the Catholic cycle of daily prayer. He was ready with his breviary, which is a big thick tome that is heavy and bulky to carry around. He had the pages marked and started reading, only to realize that all the other priests around him had their breviaries on iPads, tablets and even smartphones. He said he felt so out of place, being behind the times, and a few of the other priests gave him some good-natured ribbing about needing to catch up to the modern era.

We have a moment before all our services where the service announcer asks folks to silence their cellphones. But folks still do read during service; no way to know if they’re reading Scripture or the funny pages for that matter. As long as I don’t have to listen to their phone ring, I figure that any multi-tasking, or complementary reading along, is an issue between them and God. Not mine to guess at.

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