I’ve only gone to France

he prepaid does work, but you will get hit with the conversion fee and there might be some other fees depending upon the card. Only know that because of a conversation I heard at the bank one day…wedding here, but the couple was living in Europe and couldn’t take “gifts” back.
I withdrew from my acct when I got there–there was a fee, but wasn’t much and I took out enough to pay cash for the trip.
My husband’s grandmother once sent us travels checks as a Christmas gift..had a dickens of a time getting either of my two banks at the time to cash or deposit them in anyway to use them. No idea why, they were issued through her bank..but it was a mess, the banks just flat didn’t want to mess with them. Finally ended up sending them back to her & she went a different route sending us the money. and this was IN the United States…just thought I’d pass that along.

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