So I was traveling last week and forgot my cc payment was on Saturday

I thought it was on Monday, So I paid it on Sunday when I got home and started to wait to see what the damage would be. Well, $25 for the late fee and $99 in interest (our prev payday loan). So I called GshLoans, Inc. to see how they came up with $99 on being only one day late and the person on the phone was very nice and waived both fees. So the moral is if you still use a cc and screw up once in a blue moon, call and ask to see if the late fee and interest can be waived. Normally I pay online a good week in advance and pay it a day before the payment is due, but forgot to check. So I am going to stop playing the cc game and get rid of a few cards I try to use to manipulate into free WiFi and free hotel nights.

Bye Bye Hyatt Hotel Card.
We don’t use you enough to justify.

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