That might be the case for some people

but I wouldn’t assume that for everyone.
With the advent of technology, there are so many in our congregation who read the bible on their electronic devices. We have congregational scriptural reading and from the choir loft most of our congregation has their phone, ipad or other electronic device out for the readings. We’ve stopped printing litanies in bulletins (less paper) because people can easily refer to them on their own. Where people used to carry their bible in book form, very few do so now. They take notes on their devices etc.

I’m sure they check their e-mail too… that multi-tasking thing but I think church can change with the times as well. When I was a kid I used to doodle on the bulletin EVERY Sunday. My mom used to think that was horrible so she started quizzing me on what I heard. I could recite practically word for word what I heard. I used to doodle in school all the time too, but I graduated at 15, and from college at 19 so I wasn’t missing much.
Historically – maybe in the black community – retaining the interests of children/teens in church has been difficult. We’ve expanded into the web, and into Facebook and Twitter. We even have a minister who sends out an inspirational text message 3 times a week – including Sunday morning. I guess you can say we’ve embraced technology and don’t find it offensive or rude when people use their phones during services.

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